senate audit

7 former senators are still on the hook.
Six more senators have paid back money they owed from filing "questionable" or ineligible expenses, yet some $660,000 is
An independent arbitrator doesn't impute any bad motives to any of the senators involved.
The Speaker of the Senate says a proposal will be before senators when Parliament returns.
Anne Cools says senators should "gently" approach reporters to explain how they knew the contents of the Senate spending
Nine senators have been referred to the RCMP for a criminal investigation, while 21 have been flagged with problematic claims.
There are 85 members in the Senate.
Consider me one of the millions of Canadians offended by the Senate spending scandal. But it's not for the reason you might think. The auditor general spent around $23 million on this investigation, and found less than $1 million in questionable expenses -- out of $180 million worth of expenses investigated. So we, the ever-patient, ever-indulgent taxpayers, spent $23 million to find out that 0.5 per cent of Senate expenses were questionable. Should we be outraged? Yes, by the dollar cost of the investigation and by the cost to the reputation of Canada's upper house.
"This scandal could not be any more Canadian if public money was used to get Drake to drink maple syrup on Niagara Falls."
And it's all because of one city block.