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senator mike duffy

Duffy's defence -- which I will refer to as "The Costanza" -- may become a standard courtroom tactic should his lawyers succeed. This new legal principle would hold that one is innocent unless the law, social behaviour and even etiquette are explicitly explained in advance in each case.
Suspended senator Mike Duffy has not acknowledged the paternity of a woman called Karen Duffy who says she is his daughter
With a Facebook message and a FaceTime conversation, suspended former Conservative senator Mike Duffy may have given Karen
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says Prime Minister Stephen Harper needs to "come clean" over the deletion of an email account belonging
I do not know Nigel Wright, the former chief of staff in the Prime Minister's Office (PMO). I do know, that prior to his appointment to the PMO, as a managing director of the Onex Corporation, he was very well-respected on Bay Street as a very intelligent and successful deal-maker and investor.
Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! Because the Senate scandal isn't quite strange enough, a Prince Edward Island radio show has remixed
After news that Harper intervened in Mike Duffy's expense scandal, I watched CBC's "The National" with Peter Mansbridge. Mansbridge was positively gleeful as he reported how Duffy had implicated Harper. Finally Mansbridge and the CBC had Harper, the bane of CBC's existence, on the proverbial ropes. But if you look at the facts objectively, rather than through a visceral anti-Harper prism, it becomes clear that Harper is blameless. I predict the prime minister will ride out this Ottawa-centric media blip. And emerge stronger and more politically powerful than ever.
Canadian political watchers were taken aback when senator Mike Duffy turned his rhetorical guns on the Prime Minister's Office
Embattled Senator Mike Duffy, already under fire over his spending, attended just over half the meetings for committees on
In Mr. Fife's reporting this week, he alleges that back in February Prime Minister Harper's Chief of Staff Nigel Wright gave Senator Mike Duffy $90,000 so that Mr. Duffy could pay back a massive amount of expenses. From all this emerged an effort by the Conservative distortion machine to make Mike Duffy -- and, after his role was revealed, Nigel Wright too -- into some sort of ethical heroes. This is a strange way to behave "honourably."