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Seth MacFarlane

One of the reasons behind why the media focused on the "ruined" lives of the Steubenville rapists and ignored the suffering of their victim is this: we think she asked for it and doesn't deserve our empathy. She should have known better than to get drunk and lose consciousness at a party full of boys who, being victims of their inherent need for sexual violence, can't be blamed for being male.
This year's Oscars felt like hours of hell on earth. A boob song, a gay chorus to help deliver it, Captain Kirk's cue-carded rescue, non-stop comments on how women looked, dieted (or not -- see the Adele joke), stripped, when they're old enough to bang George Clooney or at the right place (Jack Nicholson's). Now I'm so politically incorrect it's not funny but I found all that, swallowed whole, a bit icky.
Facebook, Twitter and even Huffington Post are ablaze with angry comments about the disgusting sexism of Seth MacFarlane