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sex assault

It allegedly happened in 2013 when he was Canada's High Commissioner to the U.K.
The St. Michael's College School investigation shows the need for "joint investigations," one officer says.
A woman claims a Liberal member of the legislature assaulted her.
To the women who step forward and tell their truth -- your words are weapons shattering, one-by-one, the armour of toxic misogyny. Know that when you speak, you speak for our mothers and grandmothers that endured without voice, who suffered without recourse. You, as well, may not find justice, but every time you come forward you make the Jian Gomeshi, Donald Trump, Bill Cosby's of this world harder to exist. Even more, you send a message to the Billy Bushes of the world that our culture needs to change to make it safer for girls and women... Join or get out of our way and take notice that our bodies are not yours from which to mount your claim to status and power.
Sadd worked as a teacher in Alberta and possibly in other provinces, according to police.
She was walking down the street when a man passed her and punched her in the vagina.
"I think that's an important message to be able to give."
You can know a statistic -- even be horrified by it -- but when those statistics become stories, and those stories are coming from women you've known, worked with, are related to or voted for and then the stories just keep coming -- the frame on the issue shifts.
The Squamish Chief column calls for an apology from the CBC to victims of sexual assault.
EDMONTON - The Parole Board of Canada says the sex offender at the centre of the landmark "no means no" court case will remain