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sexual abuse

“Mr. N abused me. He tied his perversion to my performance, which was my primary motivation."
I can't condone an institution that does not atone for its own sins.
People from around the world have gathered to push for reform within the Catholic Church.
He's faced sexual assault allegations for years.
It is incumbent on all of us — parents, teachers and children — to fully understand the dynamics of sexual exploitation.
Had I had lessons at school about consent, I likely would have figured out that what was going on was not OK.
Before the attempt, he had asked the judge for five minutes alone with Nassar.
Here's what to do when the actions of a superior, a colleague or even a client cross the line.
From the age of seven, dark clouds would follow me around. A haunting nightmare that would leave my eyes soaked in tears. Although closing my eyes was frightening, keeping them open was another battle. I would desperately try to hold onto any shred of reality as if I was drowning and gasping for air.
We see how women aren't taken seriously by almost anyone when they speak up about their experiences of sexual abuse, assault or harassment. As a result, we grow up not trusting that in matters of sexual abuse, assault or harassment, we'll be taken seriously or accorded our proper rights.