sexual assault

Justice Shawn Greenberg has concerns about his history of not showing up to court.
Survivors struggled to get support during the first lockdown, research suggests.
The geogame coming to Ontario ‘glorifies’ violence against women, advocates say.
The Finnish-Canadian fashion mogul was arrested for sex trafficking in Winnipeg.
The designer is facing a class-action lawsuit in the U.S. alleging the sexual assault of dozens of women.
But Commissioner Brenda Lucki said an immediate external review isn’t necessary.
Advocates should turn to alternative routes to justice for survivors, the report says.
Mercifully, #MeToobin does NOT mean that someone has also masturbated on a Zoom work call.
A new report that paints a picture of widespread sexual misconduct at the country’s prestigious military colleges.
He was accused of sexually assaulting 13 women and convicted on five counts.