shafia honour killing

The father, mother and their son have all been convicted of first-degree murder in the deaths of four family members.
A man convicted of killing his three daughters and first wife has filed his intention to appeal. It's Mohammed Shafia's first
The verdict in the Shafia case exemplifies the ability of Western legal systems to provide justice to victims of honour killings. If anything positive can come from the Shafia verdict, let it be that law enforcement throughout North America takes the time to educate themselves about honour violence.
The Shafia trial exposed a cultural pathology that needs a closer and unbiased examination. The men in Muslim families are rarely subjected to the kinds of constraints their female relatives endure. It is mostly when the conduct of the women is perceived as dishonourable that matters worsen.
Canadians are often uncomfortable labeling premeditated murders "honour killings" under the guise of political correctness. Let us take off our multicultural goggles and see honour killings for what they are: culturally motivated, violent crimes committed against women that have no place in a civilized society.
UPDATE: The jury has reached a verdict. FULL STORY HERE. This is a developing story. Follow the link for all updates. KINGSTON
KINGSTON, Ont. - The evidence against three people accused of killing half their family over honour is "irrefutable," a Crown
UPDATE: Closing arguments at the Shafia trial have been delayed to a security issue, according to reporters at the courthouse
KINGSTON, Ont. - A young man accused of killing his three sisters and the first of his father's two wives is only guilty
KINGSTON, Ont. - A woman accused of killing her three daughters and her husband's other wife over family honour indicated