Shafia Sentence

The verdict in the Shafia case exemplifies the ability of Western legal systems to provide justice to victims of honour killings. If anything positive can come from the Shafia verdict, let it be that law enforcement throughout North America takes the time to educate themselves about honour violence.
TORONTO - Just days after being convicted with his parents in the first-degree murders of four family members, Hamed Shafia
KINGSTON, Ont. - When the call first came in on the morning of June 30, 2009, about a car in the locks at Ontario's Kingston
MONTREAL - There is word that a uniquely Canadian bureaucratic snafu occurred as the Shafia girls were seeking help from
OTTAWA - In the weeks before he helped kill his sisters and his father's first wife, someone had used Hamed Shafia's laptop
TORONTO - The Shafia murder trial has cast a shadow over Canada's Islamic community, further tarnishing an image that has
KINGSTON, Ont. - Two days before Mohammad Shafia was arrested for the murder of his three daughters and one of his two wives
UPDATE: Canada's Muslim Community have responded to the Shafia trial verdict. While many Muslim community leaders have decried