Sherbrooke declaration

Caught up in its contradictions, the NDP hopes nobody will notice. There is the Sherbrooke Declaration NDP, which promises a condition-free right to opt out for the Government of Quebec. And then there is the centralist NDP, which unilaterally sets its childcare plan according to a rigid model incompatible with the contemporary practice of Canadian federalism.
In almost every federal election for the last 100 years, one party — be it the Liberals, the Bloc Quebecois, the NDP or the
And receive its share of the money with no strings attached.
“If he says, say 60 per cent, he’ll be crushed in Quebec.”
Trudeau called out the NDP during a stop to a Montreal-area space centre on Tuesday, one day after a Leger poll indicated
All Canadians, regardless of their home province, want a principled federal Government that gets things done, not one that panders, not one that is reckless, and certainly not one that lowers the bar for the break-up of our country. Thomas Mulcair hopes to woo separatists into voting NDP and he's putting the healed wounds of our national unity at risk to do so. Our country is at a crossroads. After nearly a decade of Harper they are hungry for real change and a positive new course.
What's so controversial about the so-called Sherbrooke Declaration?
ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - Liberal mischief-makers set a political cat loose among the NDP pigeons Thursday, forcing opposition New
(CBC) -- NDP Leader Jack Layton told reporters Thursday his party believes that a simple majority, 50 per cent plus one vote