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It's hard to resist the siren song of spring fashion. Suddenly clothes are bright and light again after a long, drab winter. But with all the new styles to choose from, how do you know which trend is best, and how can you afford what you want?
As it turns out, not all holiday shoppers are cut from the same cloth. Some savour the bricks and mortar experience while others cringe at the thought of stepping foot into a shopping mall. And no matter what kind of shopper you are, there are plenty of great tips and gift ideas to be had for every kind of shopper out there.
There are a few ways that can guarantee that you not only invest in pieces that you can get a lot of use out of but pieces that can make your closet more dynamic. Having a closet that is actually functional can help you redefine both your daily life and your future success. If you exercise these very easy to follow steps every time you go shopping, you should have no problem turning a closet that is "blah" into a closet that rocks your world!
Three things retail stores need to do to remain relevant in a world of online shopping. From the AOL Partner Studio
Say goodbye to flood pants.
The question is, how do you know when you should be pulling out your wallet and when you shouldn't? How do you know which piece is a real investment and which one isn't? Even if you can afford to splurge more often than not, sometimes there are better ways to spend your money.
Because not everyone enjoys spending time in loud, crowded malls.
You’ll thank us when you’re bringing home the bacon without breaking a sweat.
Shopping doesn't end on December 25, nor do the deals. Most of us are planning to shop on Boxing Day. How do we navigate through the chaos of the best shopping day of the year, while still getting great savings? Consider these five tips for conquering the best deals this Boxing Day.