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sick days

Andrea Horwath called it “utterly shameful and irresponsible.”
It will require a judgment call on your part.
The federal government is working to reform sick-day policy.
Every corporation in Ontario, whether public or private, that has a sick note policy is taking advantage of you, the taxpayer, by offloading the cost of their policy onto the health care system. You, dear taxpayer, are subsidizing the cost of their business. So, how does one change that?
There is some debate as to whether or not being sick at work does increase the chances for a small-scaled outbreak. After all, unless a person comes into contact with the bodily fluids of a sick person, the risk may seem remote at best. It's generally known as personal distancing of the two-metre rule.
Millions of workers across Ontario lack access to paid sick days and job protection. For many, taking a sick day is simply not an option. This gap in access to an important protection disproportionately affects people in low-wage jobs and precarious work, a sure signal about the unfairness of employment standards.
I often get asked whether one has to cover sick days for personal caregivers or nannies. I usually have the same response: it depends. What did you agree to when she first started working? This is a difficult topic, but it is important to think about it at the outset of the relationship.
The kids have gone back to school and the cold season is brewing just around the corner. It’s not a coincidence. Your child
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Our reasons for dragging ourselves to the office when sick reveal a cultural obsession with "hard work." A day off feels lazy rather than restorative. We falsely equate long hours with good work. And our mania is sending the wrong message to corporations and policymakers.