single parents

“We’re all experiencing the same things — some people more intensely than others.”
Options for help are even fewer than in the first wave.
It might seem hard to believe now, but the family has had their share of lean times.
Security experts warn against it, but those who do it say it shows potential partners their priorities.
Our lives as single parents can be challenging, but there are things we can do to enjoy a balanced life.
Frantically filling every moment with work, errands and serving a little human is no way to live. I need to breathe, eat good food and make love.
I'm losing my f***ing mind over here while my husband is gone. But I know I'm not alone.
Times have changed and, as a society, we have become more open to the diversity of how families are formed.
I thought we'd go to a cottage in the summer, take our own trip to celebrate our 10th anniversary. I'd wanted to go to Japan. Now it feels like I'm counting backwards. I'm in the negative numbers, counting how many years I've been divorced. How many years we could have been married if only...
It can take less than 10 seconds for a youth to become homeless. In York Region, homeless youth, more often than not, do not fit the stereotypical profile. Unlike urban centres, these young people are often homeless not just due to poverty. They stem from middle-class families and end up on the street for a variety of reasons.