The organization defines modern slavery “as the systematic removal of a person’s freedom, where one person is exploited by another for personal or financial gain."
This Saturday serves both to challenge racism and celebrate everything Black Canadians have accomplished.
They're honouring the celebration of the emancipation of slaves in the U.S.
Companies operating in foreign countries can be held liable under international law back home, Canada's top court has ruled.
We have traditionally not been told about the history of black Canadians or their contributions to the development of the country.
Canada was one of few countries to respond to a United Nations refugee agency request.
Regardless of behaviour and appearance, our very presence is often perceived as a threat, best contained with force.
For every sphere in which slave owners sought to exploit and brutalize the enslaved, Africans and their descendants fought back.
There's a connection between racism today and the blank spots in textbooks.
We need to have a conversation about racist monuments in public spaces.