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The settlement follows another one reached in 2014.
TORONTO — Rising grocery prices in Canada have renewed calls for a national food policy as concerns over the number of Canadians
The astronomical food prices in Canada’s far north have become the stuff of legend (and of viral news stories), and now a
The economic situation of Canada’s aboriginal people is worsening and First Nations are “not on track to achieving parity
Few teenagers have ever hunted and caught a caribou, but for young people in Arviat, Nunavut, their first catch goes beyond
Food at the biggest grocery store in Iqaluit is overpriced, expired and sometimes rotten — and many residents are getting
2013 was a big year for Canada's boreal forest. However, many of these stories remain unresolved. Here are the top 10 stories of 2014 that are most likely to have a huge impact in the boreal forest for years to come.
Eugene Melnyk owns the Ottawa Senators. He's Canadian. He owns Canadian businesses, but lives in Barbados. Here's where the CBC and the CRA come in. With their recent bit of "hidden-camera" journalism, the CBC concluded that Barbados is a haven for Canadian corporate tax evaders.
A CBC News hidden camera investigation into the world of offshore banking revealed bankers, lawyers and accountants providing
No matter how many politicians in Ottawa may prefer to settle cases, the hired guns at the Department of Justice don't seem to have been copied on that memo. Their mandate is to litigate, and their client -- the CRA -- has infinitely deep pockets. So there is no reason to settle, and no reason to refrain from motions and appeals, regardless of how many lawyer-hours are spent.