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We have all seen these advertisements before. The one that ends up on your timeline on social media that you can become a
My bookshelves were heaving with the weight of a ton of new business books on operations, marketing, hiring, and relationship management. When I wasn't teaching or taking care of my mom I was preparing the business and hiring documents and researching ways to automate the scheduling, reporting, and invoicing. Preparing for day-to-day operations will keep a business running, but to prepare it for liftoff, long term planning is key.
The Liberal Government has stated they want to build a strong middle class, but who comprises the middle class? Mr. Morneau in his 2017 budget speech stated, "All Canadians must pay their fair share of taxes," but what is a "fair share"? Let's do the math and find out.
Studies show sloppy/degraded video can be tolerated as long as the sound is solid. The converse isn't true. Have a beautiful image but your sound is distorted, echoes or inconsistent? Nobody will watch. Invest in learning how to capture good sound and acquiring the tools to do so.
When I see a small business plugging away all the while continuing their charitable and community-spirited endeavours (often in the face of near-insurmountable odds), it behooves all of us to reconsider what it means to be "productive."
In the wake of Paris, employers must remain alert to the potential "emotional aftermath" of terrorist attacks among employees. Such events can cause considerable potential trauma and anxiety for workers, and employers have a responsibility to ensure that the workplace remains a venue of safety, security and open discourse.
Canada is a great place to start and grow a business. With innovative government programs, start-up incubators that nurture young businesses and a stable economy, small business owners across Canada are finding success in a variety of industries. But success does not come without obstacles. here are some tips to help entrepreneurs succeed.
It's year two of Family Day in British Columbia, and Sacha Thompson, who owns the Flowerbox on Commercial Drive, says it
Fortunately for small and medium business owners (SMEs), the Internet, while changing the marketing game, has also leveled the playing field and has paved the way for marketing efforts to be increasingly efficient and effective through a concept known as inbound marketing.
Coming from a non-business background, I did learn plenty of new stuff in business school. blogging taught or reminded me of some principles that I could see scattered in my numerous textbooks. I have listed the lessons learned that are transferable to running businesses, followed by brief explanations.