Some say they're not like tourists and oppose the hotel quarantine.
The COVID-19 pandemic means the vast majority of Canadians have stayed up north.
The plane crash near Kamloops, B.C., killed Capt. Jenn Casey.
Capt. Jenn Casey was killed when her plane went down in a residential area in the B.C. Interior.
Capt. Jenn Casey died and Capt. Richard MacDougall was seriously hurt.
There are, of course, several catches.
"This was the perfect storm for the desert."
I pay American property tax. I depend on their health care system when I need it. I support U.S. charities. I shop in the U.S. I spur on the local economy as much as I can. I respect American ways, the flag, the veterans. I follow the rules and way of life every time I'm there. I am no longer a visitor to the USA. I am part of the national tapestry.
Some tips to make travelling south more affordable.
Overnight cross-border travel was down about nine per cent in the first nine months of the year over the same period last