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soldier suicides

Suicide rates among Canadian soldiers are far higher than those in Britain, according to newly released statistics by the
Retired Sergeant Ronald Anderson's death earlier this week was the 10th soldier suicide in the country in the past few months
In an interview with CBC Radio's The House, retired general Hillier told host Evan Solomon the recent apparent suicides of
A rank-and-file campaign launched by Canadian soldiers to check in on their colleagues and make sure they're OK has apparently
In seven days, Canada lost four soldiers to suicide. They died of despair. Suffering mental wounds from their service, able to foresee the end of their careers but unable to see how they could survive after, they succumbed to their injuries and took their own lives. We might give it fancy clinical names, like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or Operational Stress Injury, but that doesn't change the condition: broken mind.
Depending on whom you ask, either a miscommunication or politics was to blame for the lack of unanimous consent behind a