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OTTAWA - Smaller players — even some relatively obscure ones — in Canada's wireless market will likely gain a little ground
OTTAWA — Opposition parties are questioning the Conservative government’s decision to sell wireless spectrum for an incredibly
OTTAWA - Bidding for a coveted piece of Canada's wireless market starts today. Experts say the 700 megahertz waves up for
After yesterday's release about the spectrum auction bidders, Industry Minister Moore stated that "in addition to this auction, our Government will continue to aggressively pursue policies that ensure consumer interests are at the core of all Government decisions." What policies might Minister Moore have in mind?
Wireless carriers in Canada, including those bidding on a block of prime spectrum tomorrow, must agree to allow police and
The events of this week -- the introduction of a CRTC consumer wireless code and the Industry Canada decision to uphold its set-aside spectrum policy by killing the Telus -- Mobilicity deal -- point to the fact that this debate is now over in the minds of the government. Government telecom policy in 2006 was focused on deregulation and a hands-off, industry-led approach. Those days are long gone as the government has now adopted a consumer-focused, populist approach premised on the view that a public fight with the telecom companies is a political winner.
OTTAWA - Ottawa is putting highly sought-after spectrum for wireless devices on the auction block later this year in the
OTTAWA - Canadians should expect lower prices after Ottawa announces its decision on foreign ownership in the wireless sector