Spring Cleaning Tips

It's all about targeting the most common places where allergens hide.
Tips to consider before you start writing your spring wardrobe wish list.
Your pillow is home to dust mites, mould and all sorts of bacteria.
An expert on the chemistry of clean, Kim Dunn holds a degree in industrial microbiology and owns a Molly Maid franchise. Her tips on cleaning come from her scientific insight. Use these suggestions to up the ante on your spring cleaning.
You might be surprised to learn that you don't just need to go to the gym or bundle up for a power walk to stay fit. Your daily chores can help burn calories and can add up to a personal fitness routine as well. There is a reason they call it housework. You can burn some serious calories during a marathon cleaning session.
But there is one plus to having a messy desk ...
For anyone who has dealt with those hard brown stains around their toilet rim — even if you don't want to admit it — we have
The sun is shining and the snow is melting — which means it's time to start your spring cleaning. Between the buckets and
Too much clutter is not only a sign of stress, it's a cause of stress too. Clutter keeps you from doing things you love, it