spring trends

Because there's still time before T-shirt weather.
We're loving these options!
Menswear is all about building a closet with investment pieces and less about trendy items. Look for top styles that are bold in colour and cuts, and don't be shy to wear pieces with prints, as this will show your innate fashion sense.
From backpacks, to bucket bags, to the crossbody and clutches, we'll help you find your new partner in crime.
Know your body type. I know this should seem obvious, but I still find myself staring wistfully at store windows, wondering if I can squeeze myself into a dress or top that clearly wasn't designed with me in mind. I hear women complain about their bodies all the time, but there's no such thing as a bad body type. There are, however, poor fashion choices that don't highlight your best assets.
Rock a pastel palette this spring no matter your shape or size!
A dress for every budget!
I believe that amazing style starts with a great foundation. With the new styles coming out this spring, I am looking for the perfect bra that I find comfortable and feel beautiful in! Recently, I spoke with Julie Douce-Alexe, Sales Director at Chantelle.
Summer time is here, which makes it the perfect time to add a little colour into your wardrobe.
Normcore is no more, at least, according to the search giant.