She's currently with relatives in Philadelphia.
“I do feel Canadian. I want a future in Canada.”
A committee flagged the possibility that Canadians' rights may be infringed.
The arrest comes some six weeks after Huawei's CFO was taken into custody in Canada.
From mass surveillance to continuing the No Fly List, nearly all the "problematic" aspects of Bill C-51 remain unfixed.
A federal watchdog says CSE shared metadata with American, British, and Australian counterparts.
Every November 11, we honour those who risked or lost their lives defending their country. Rarely acknowledged in these annual commemorations are those who served honourably but were nevertheless dishonoured because of their sexuality.
Attention is turning to what the Liberals plan to do when they formally assume office in just a couple weeks. Many Canadians will be watching very closely to see what the Liberals are planning on the reckless secret police bill introduced by the previous government.
Source: Wikimedia The most famous fictional spy in the world has access to the best gadgets and has enemies all around the
The year 2015 will be remembered, amongst other things, as the year your devices started listening and watching you. Until now, to have your device listen to you, it usually required you actively interact with the device, such as pressing a listen or record button, for it to engage.