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star wars the force awakens

It hits theatres in December!
The actor stayed in character the whole time and handed out toys to the kids.
She made a point and Hasbro took notice.
You can play the new version of Star Wars Monopoly, but don't expect to see the film's main character.
Hello Han, Luke, Leia...
Thanks to the release of “The Force Awakens,” Star Wars fandom has never been stronger.
A major challenge for the Mickey Mouse company and J.J. Abrams was to revitalize the force of the George Lucas franchise and to reinvigorate the passion of the next generation. In this respect, The Force Awakens is a success, and I never had a doubt that it would beat every box office record.
At-risk youth got to take part in something special thanks to an anonymous Calgary donor.
Taking that "from a galaxy far, far away" to the next level.
"Star Wars" is slowly infiltrating its way into every aspect of daily life.