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starting a business

Ani + Wren co-owner Lauren Levy explains how being an entrepreneur and a mom can be a tough balancing act.
Lauren Levy, co-owner of Ani + Wren, explains how she’s managed to find time for her family and holds on to a job she loves.
When Lauren Levy opened Ani + Wren, she and her sister had no name, brand or product. But over the years, the Toronto entrepreneur has carved out a niche catering to expecting moms in search of stylish maternity wear.
So you think you're finally ready to start your own business. You've thought about your big idea for a while now and others think fondly of it too — now what?
There are countless online opportunities for Canadian entrepreneurs. Our country is large and its population is scattered
How An Entrepreneur's Scars Inspired Her To Help Others Heal
The most important message I could share from my experience growing up and coming over to Canada is that being a refugee doesn't last a lifetime. It's an experience that lasts but a few short years and opens the door to a life full of opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.
The Donald and other real estate barons made all of their money using debt to leverage their assets. Once you have one property or asset payed for, you can re-mortgage it and get another one. Now you have two assets hopefully growing and making you more money. Demonizing ALL debt in our society won't change that.
Starting a company is not an easy task to tackle. There is a lot to think about, and it is extremely hard to do alone. Fortunately, if you are in Montreal or thinking of relocating to the fabulous city, Montreal can make that start-up move a little easier with quite a few incubator and start-up hubs to get your business moving.
Everyone talks about the benefits of being your own boss: The freedom, the beachside latte laptop selfies. But the downsides? The paralyzing anxiety? The terrifying uncertainty? The crushing doubt? The emotional circus involved with actually getting your business off the ground? Very few people talk about that. So let's talk.