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The federal government is failing the country's aboriginal people with a budget that has "virtually nothing" in it for native
The $5.7-million Aboriginal Community Safety Development Contribution Program was created in 2010 as part of the government's
But some in the aboriginal community don't quibble with the government's other main response to calls for a public inquiry
MONCTON, N.B. - Prime Minister Stephen Harper is "on the wrong side of history" in his refusal to launch a public inquiry
WHITEHORSE - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says police investigations, not a national inquiry, are the best way to deal with
STANDOFF, Alta. - The federal government's reworked plan for native education sets minimum quality standards for reserve
We now know the Conservatives' refusal to fund First Nations students attending school on reserves at the same level as their provincial counterparts is coming straight from the top. This is not just a shocking example of Stephen Harper's anti-democratic command and control style of government, but clearly demonstrates that the Prime Minister callously refuses to provide First Nations students with the equality of opportunity they deserve.
OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper's acquiescence to Canada's protesting First Nations was greeted with joy Friday on
In a joint statement arrived at after hours of debate, the two sides acknowledged their relationship has been fraught with
A B.C. chief says an "aboriginal uprising is inevitable" if Stephen Harper doesn't commit to transforming the relationship