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Calgary Tory MP Ron Liepert said he got into a 15-minute shouting match with party campaign chair Jenni Byrne.
Harper will resign as leader, but stay on as an MP.
The federal government has become less active in the daily lives of Canadians, with direct benefits replacing big government programs, for instance.
Some of the front pages from Tuesday's online and print editions.
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and wife Laureen appeared in good spirits today as he arrived in the new riding of Calgary Heritage to cast his ballot.
The stunning victory makes Trudeau, 43, Canada's first dynastic prime minister.
A Conservative incumbent says his is a "big tent" party.
"What I pick up on is someone who is very comfortable in their skin, and has grown very comfortable in how he does his job."
Senior Conservative politicians and campaign workers are bracing for electoral defeat on Monday and the ensuing party turmoil.
The major party leaders are getting into position ahead of this weekend's sprint to the election finish, spouting now-familiar refrains on the economy and the middle class to voters.