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stephen harper china trip

"I'm looking forward to the opportunity to build on our economic relationship and also our friendship," Harper told Luo Zhaohui
Harper spokesman Jason MacDonald says the prime minister will not attend the APEC leaders' meeting in Beijing on Nov. 10
OTTAWA - The Conservative government covered expenses for some of the country's top executives as they accompanied the prime
CHONGQING, China - Prime Minister Stephen Harper wrapped up his trip to China with his hands on a national treasure but avoided
But for a few minutes Saturday, Harper had eyes for only one thing: a panda. Looking relaxed and happy at the end of a whirlwind
GUANGZHOU, China - Stephen Harper left the old political world of Beijing for a new industrial capital of China to deliver
GUANGXI, China - The prime minister has moved the focus of his trip to China from trade talks to text books. Stephen Harper
In the Canadian Press-Harris Decima survey, 51 per cent of Canadians polled welcomed Chinese investment when it helps fuel
BEIJING, China - A raft of agreements between Canada and China may see the two countries ready to set sail on free trade
BEIJING, China - As she tours China along with her husband, Laureen Harper has her own wish for the Chinese people. May they