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Stephen Harper Conservatives

"We’re not chasing headlines."
The reason Canadians do not look at the NDP as government material is obvious. Its public role has been to shout, scream and protest from the sidelines and that reality has and should not change. I would never question nor discount their public contributions -- Medicare and minimum wage -- however these admirable ideals were achieved with the adult supervision of the traditional governing parties.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper confirmed Monday he intends to prorogue Parliament, with a speech from the throne likely to
The Conservative Party of Canada was mulling paying off Senator Mike Duffy’s $90,000 in improperly claimed living expenses
Canadians hungry to see what a potential showdown between Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper might look like got a small taste
I was shocked by this week's news that the Harper Tories were closing Environment Canada's Experimental Lakes Area, cutting a smokestack emissions research group and a Department of Fisheries and Oceans contaminants program. Where are the real Tories willing to put the word "conserve" back into the Conservative Party of Canada?