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Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair put forward sharply contrasting visions Friday.
"To protect our country, we are going to have to have a long and sustained strategy with our international partners."
An analysis by the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute released Monday says the violence being meted out by extremists
The videos, on Stephen Harper's official 24-Seven feed, were taken during his recent whirlwind trip to Iraq and Kuwait, where
BAGHDAD – Stephen Harper paid a surprise visit to Iraq on Saturday, meeting with the country’s prime minister and delivering
He also faced questions about whether Canadian special forces soldiers have curtailed trips to the frontline in the aftermath
Both were born last summer on a craggy mountaintop in Iraq. The resolve behind the latest one was hardened last October by
Canada's former UN ambassador Paul Heinbecker says Canada and its allies cannot afford to turn its back on the threat posed by ISIL.
But the New Democrats and Liberals continued to express wary skepticism about the government's conduct of the deployment
On at least two occasions recently, Defence Minister Jason Kenney has mused that CF-18s could be asked to fly strike missions