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Harper said he has just received a request from the U.S. government in the past several days for further Canadian involvement
OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper reiterated Canada’s support for Israel Wednesday in a conversation with Prime Minister
The survey, conducted from Jan. 23-Jan. 27 by Harris/Decima for The Canadian Press, suggests a third of Canadians held a
It is great, at least on this one issue, to be able to echo the words of the Prime Minister of your country, and not have to "reinvent the wheel" because some politicians won't talk straight about Middle East violence.
OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper left behind a bitterly cold Canadian capital, his poll numbers sagging and his government
JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Stephen Harper warned Monday of a new age of anti-Semitism, staking new ground in his allegiance
OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper's first full day in the crucible of the Middle East was marked by two extremes — one
Canada's prime minister is "a great friend of Israel and the Jewish people," Prime Minister Netanyahu said at an elaborate
Harper will address Israel's parliament, the Knesset, on Monday, making history as the first Canadian prime minister to do
OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper heads to Israel later this week for a long-awaited trip to the Middle East. A staunch