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"This is odd. There's a prime minister taking questions in the National Press Theatre with a journalist chairing."
At the start of his campaign, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair took some heat for declining to answer questions from reporters at his
The strategy seemed to have worked for them last time.
"I think you're all very aware of how we've structured our press conferences."
But have they heard the one about the velvet rope on the tundra? Last August, the small band of Canadian journalists travelling
And he didn't even make the cover of Costco Connection, the 'lifestyle magazine for Costco members'
The Globe and Mail's Kim Mackrael tweeted she was told by organizers the decision was meant to ensure "frank discussions
Stephen Harper is famous for restricting how many questions he'll take from reporters, but he seems to be a little bit less
A "very upset" Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressed federal Conservatives on Tuesday morning in the midst of a scandal
Reporters shouted questions at Prime Minister Stephen Harper after his brief statement to the Conservative caucus on Tuesday