stephen harper retirement

Former prime minister Stephen Harper is hitting the international speaking circuit after signing up with the Worldwide Speakers
He has not spoken in Parliament since Trudeau took over.
He's expected to join corporate boards.
Canada scores poorly among developed countries in providing public pensions to seniors, according to an internal analysis
One of the unhealthier byproducts of a prime ministerial political system with no term limits is that the media spends an awful lot of time analyzing the vigour and vitality of the current incumbent, eagerly hoping for some subtle sign or signal that his tenure in office will be soon coming to an end. Does he seem bored or listless with the mundane tasks of governing? Is he openly grooming a successor? When's the last time he was seen in public?
Prime Minister Stephen Harper confirmed Monday he intends to prorogue Parliament, with a speech from the throne likely to
UPDATE: The Prime Minister's Office contacted HuffPost Canada after this story was published to indicate that Stephen Harper