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The excitement is real.
About 39 per cent said the failures of the Harper government will outweigh successes in the long run.
Hundreds of scientists around the world are asking Prime Minister Stephen Harper to end "burdensome restrictions on scientific
The government's cuts to federal science budgets and its changes to policy are damaging scientists' ability to serve and
Scientists across the country are expressing growing alarm that federal cutbacks to research programs monitoring areas that
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross wrote a book about the five stages of grief. Denial of inconvenient facts is the first stage. It is followed by anger. Clearly the Conservatives have a deep well from which to draw. Bargaining is the third stage after denial and anger. The problem however is that Mother Nature is indifferent to Prime Ministers. Mother Nature doesn't do Bargaining.
Stephen Harper asked his Twitter followers on Thursday to send him questions for Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield in advance