Stephen McNeil

He'll be taking over from current Premier Stephen McNeil.
The Department of Fisheries and Oceans needs to answer the question before the province can examine its own rules, he said.
After 17 years in provincial politics, he says he's ready for a change.
Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil says he loves it.
The former federal cabinet minister led the province for eight years.
Grits see convention weekend as "launching pad" for 2019.
The province had been criticized for its abortion-access barriers.
Nova Scotia took a big step toward reclaiming their province. The much-preferred option would have been to see the government of Stephen McNeil defeated or reduced to a minority, but cutting his Liberal Party to a razor-thin, one-seat majority will force it to listen more closely to the needs and wants of the people.
It wasn't immediately clear if it was to be a second majority government.
Matthew MacKnight allegedly sent the tweet in 2013.