stifling science

"Having freedom of speech, having an informed electorate. It’s really that erosion of democracy that keeps me up at night the most."
The Harper government won't divulge any details of a proposed new marketing agency for the tangy red fruit. The Canadian
A Conservative and a Liberal MP each has a private member's bill going through the legislative process, attempting to address
The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, which represents 55,000 federal employees, says a scientific
"In Canada, the only time you hear about scientists now is when they’re being told to shut up or they're being shut down
OTTAWA - The union representing scientists and other professionals in the federal public service is abandoning its tradition
Hundreds of scientists around the world are asking Prime Minister Stephen Harper to end "burdensome restrictions on scientific
And if there's a person you want to talk to about the pervasive algae also known by the less-offensive, more scientific name
One of Canada’s top biologists says he will not stop talking to the media after a government memo accused him of bias and
The vast majority of experts may be convinced, but Conservative MP James Lunney doesn't think that climate change is "settled