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Stockwell Day

He equated racism to his experience of being called “four-eyes” at school.
In this writer's experience, voters and consumers are forgiving. They are profoundly aware of the tendency of humans to have human failings, being human beings themselves. And, as long as mistakes are not being made all the time they will forgive and forget and move on.
Trump's words are coming back to haunt him - and his Muslim ban is being found discriminatory, and therefore unconstitutional, by court after court. By being, you know, "politically incorrect," what he said outside the courtroom is now being used to hammer him inside the courtroom. And it's simply wonderful.
Zahar and Baghdadi, Hamas and ISIS share the same final goal: democracy must give way to theocracy, plural religions to a single Islamist belief, freedom to submission and social equality to the dictates of Sharia rule. Standing against Hamas and ISIS terrorism transcends politics and party lines. The rights and freedoms that comprise the very heart of our way of life are under direct attack in the Middle East from these and other groups seeking to build a radical, theocratic mega-state across the region, and, if they can achieve it, even beyond.
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Former Conservative public safety minister Stockwell Day says there were warnings that some of the information in a security