streaming tv

Amid a flood of new U.S.-based streaming services, Bell Media has struck a deal that will keep one of them out of Canada.
The standard plan is jumping to $13.99 a month.
The company says it's part of an effort to boost content.
"Must-see TV" may prompt many sheep (and lemmings) to watch a specific TV show, but I can't be swayed by such trite words.
CRTC's Jean-Pierre Blais calls streaming the future of content.
The average Canadian household downloads 93 gigabytes a month.
Nielsen, the gold standard in TV ratings, has just made an important discovery about smartphones: All those people walking around staring at their phones are not watching video. At least, not very often or for very long. They aren't streaming much audio either. So if mobile streaming isn't killing TV -- what is?
Neither a price hike nor a border-hopping crackdown can stop Netflix.
Netflix CEO says protest is "inconsequential."
Some 190,000 Canadian homes ditched cable and satellite last year.