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student loans

“[Students are] just asking for their fair share.”
The NSLSC is working through a backlog of more than 30,000 repayment assistance applications.
The move comes after the federal government announced a similar measure to help students during the COVID-19 crisis.
The government is giving up on debts from 31,658 students, new docs reveal.
This is the third time in four years the feds have written off student debts.
Our post-secondary system is broken, and must be changed. At one time, a summer job could pay for one's college or university costs. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's yearly tuition bill in 1995 was $1,694, while Premier Kathleen Wynne paid $637 in 1967. That era is over thanks to a lack of political leadership. It is time for a new generation of students to fight for a better system.
According to the National Student Loan Centre, it takes an average of 9 years for Canadian students to pay off their student loans. Although these figures may seem slightly alarming, don't fret! It's possible to repay your student loans in a relatively short period of time (in my case, $17,000 in just one year). Here are 5 simple, effective strategies to successfully start paying down your student debt.
Most students aim to earn enough money to support themselves through the academic year. But like many things in life, success comes in the details. If you don't plan for the expected and unexpected costs that post-secondary life can throw at you, your chance of success diminishes.
TORONTO — Many of this year's new post-secondary graduates have left the academic world carrying tens of thousands of dollars
CHARLOTTETOWN — The P.E.I. government says it will forgive student loans for people who develop a severe disability after