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The University of Montreal has suspended classes in the departments that have been targeted by student protesters since Monday
MONTREAL - A group of Quebec students voting on whether to return to school, a decision that could hold far-reaching political
MONTREAL - Pauline Marois's little red square is being replaced by a blue fleur-de-lis. The square, which is the symbol of
The student protest movement has been rife with hyperbole and misconstrued comparisons since its inception. Thus, it should in fact come as no surprise that the protesters have now taken to making links between the Montreal police and the Nazi regime. In a picture that went viral, students are shown to be giving the Nazi salute.
MONTREAL -- Negotiations between students and the provincial government have hit a wall, student leaders said Wednesday evening
Canada's baby boomer-run media has been pretending that Quebec's student protests are only about tuition, when that's merely symbolic of the boot the older generation is placing upon the necks of their kids.
VANCOUVER - When a six-year tuition freeze was lifted in British Columbia in 2002, causing tuition at most universities to
Contrary to what is claimed repeatedly in the mainstream press, students are not saying that they should not pay their "fair share" for education and let the province sink into debt. In the context of the strike, where one stands on the above public financing options is certainly important, but it is ultimately of secondary significance.
Quebec's opposition parties have taken aim at the Charest government for failing to restore order in the streets of Montreal
MONTREAL - A timeline of events in the tuition dispute between the Quebec government and student federations, which has sparked