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According to recent research out of Britain, women can waste up to 50 billion litres of water a year shaving their legs. That's
When most of us think of healthy looking skin, we often wonder where we can find the latest and greatest lotion, cream or
We love when a beauty product helps us look good in as little time as possible. Enter the latest customizable beauty line
For kids and teens, one of the more exciting elements of back-to-school season -- apart from seeing their friends -- is the
Louis Vuitton's Travel Collection ads featured a gorgeous white couple exploring the Moghul courts of Jaipur, travelling in style with the latest LV luggage in tow. Unfortunately, the only "brown" visible was that of the luggage.
Mommy has a frilly tank top that shows off her chest, so why shouldn't her daughter have one produced by a company named Jours Après Lunes (or should it be "the morning after"?). The little girl will put on a string bikini not understanding at all what the string is meant to suggest, not understanding that it's a signifier.
Who would have thought being surrounded by hundreds of beautifully, purportedly perfect human specimens would have made me love my body? My image-obsessed 17-year-old self would never have thought so.
What makes someone a fantastic lover is not their technical ability or their repertoire of moves but their attentiveness and their efforts to make their partner happy. When both people show that they really care about meeting their partner's needs, sex becomes something wonderful.
So you want to be a French seductress. Simply put, it's all about simplicity. Less is definitely more (except, perhaps, when it comes to champagne and personal grooming). Although restraint is key, a significant effort must be put in at all times, as 'prevention' is always better than a cure!
The lives of thin women revolve around denial, restrictions, guilt, and depression over failing... I know because I'd been hiding my own fat monster and had to appease it with Prozac and talk therapy. Still, I suppose, I'd rather be sad than fat. And so would Kate Middleton, probably. And so would you.
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