Transit officials sent 100 shuttle buses to relieve congestion.
Young Canadians are leaving the big cities; Beauty chain Ulta is coming to Canada.
The MR-63 cars have been retired but they're not gone completely.
"Crabs belong in buckets not on TTC seats."
Customers "have the right to enjoy a relatively peaceful ride."
Subway's chicken is barely more than half chicken DNA, researchers claimed.
Calling out rudeness, a lack of etiquette or a complete absence of compassion or empathy in public should never have to happen -- but it MUST. The recent examples that made the headlines -- of a woman allegedly sitting on the feet of a passenger whose feet dangled over an empty seat on public transit -- is a case in point.
A successful public transit project is one that achieves a sustainable and sufficient ridership that could not be served by less expensive modes. The mere provision of trains operating devoid of riders is not a success but a failure resulting from putting 'progress' ahead of the process.
From a transport planning perspective, the one-stop Scarborough subway extension is highly unlikely to make Scarborough residents' lives simpler by offering them fast and efficient mobility. Instead, it could make their transit commutes even longer and more cumbersome.