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A Toronto man says he is shocked and horrified by a viral video showing his son lying dead in a Sudbury parking lot. Vincent
For crying out loud, I continue to be astonished with our collective Canadian obsession over the Klondike Gold Rush while northern Ontario's rich and vibrant mining history is completely ignored by the Toronto media establishment, especially the CBC.
I love the Calgary Marathon. I first ran it in 2003 and the only reason I entered was because my brother Peter had challenged me to. At the age of forty-seven, running wasn't part of my life and I really wasn't that interested.
Glacier National Park. This 54 km section of the TransCanada contains numerous snow sheds and avalanche paths. Brenda had major concerns for the safety of Jamie, motorists and snow plough operators.
TVO's first commissioned drama series, Hard Rock Medical, provides a fresh and entertaining look at the unique challenges
On our first day of table readings for Hard Rock Medical, director Derek Diorio and writer Smith Corindia introduced us cast members to a sprightly, hearty and highly personable woman -- who also happened to be a practising Ontario doctor for 30+ years. Dr. Louise McNaughton-Fillion was also HRM's official medical consultant. And she was pretty cool.
Hard Rock Medical certainly sounded like a very exciting show. So when Derek first approached me to audition for the role of Dr. Raymond Dallaire he said "You'll need to learn a seven page monologue. I also want you to speak the way you speak normally...with your French Canadian accent because Dallaire is originally from Chicoutimi, Quebec." I said "Sure no problem."
Cameron has an obsession with, a passion for, and an addiction to art. So when he enters med-school for the first time, he is coming at it with a very specific knowledge of anatomy. This gives a beautiful palette of emotions and circumstances to draw from as an actor.
As a homegrown Sudbury boy, I never imagined shooting a TV show in my hometown. Now according to my friends, I'm not playing Charlie; I am Charlie Rivière. I guess they're partially correct. Did I mention that all the bedroom and outdoor house scenes were shot at my house? OMG, I AM Charlie Rivière!
The character of Melanie Truscott made a lot of sense to me. As actors we're often playing out some of our own inner-demons, sort of a psychological exercise in living them out -- and maybe even growing from them.