sugar consumption

We can no longer pretend the berries make it healthy.
A little sugar rush isn't so innocent after all.
Management is key.
One word: sugar.
Just a reminder to read those labels!
Just as soda sales are declining in the U.S. and Canada, similar changes are taking place in Mexico. Increasing the price of any product leads to lower demand. However, that's not the only factor involved in declining sales.
I know it's a surprising title, especially from a dietitian, right when quitting sugar is the trendiest thing to do these days. I think most people eat too much sugar -- 25 teaspoons a day is the average, which is higher than the recommended six to nine teaspoons -- so this post isn't about encouraging you to eat more.
Sugar is the new sodium, reviled for its evilness. It is contributing to the rise of everything from diabetes to Fatty Liver Disease, according to The Canadian Liver Foundation. It is virtually impossible to tease out what is added sugar and what is naturally occurring just by reading the label.
Graham MacKenzie, pharmacist and owner of Stone's Pharmasave in Baddeck, said he made the move amidst growing calls for Canadians