suicide prevention

It is not enough to implement mental-health programs. We need to know they actually work.
Charlie Angus introduced the private member’s motion last year asking for a national prevention strategy.
Being able to recognize the signs and get help could save a life.
Asking and talking about it won't cause someone to die by suicide. In fact, the opposite may happen.
It started with a breakup, a plane ticket, and the search for a woman.
Mark Zuckerberg is hailing A.I.'s ability to "save lives," but not everyone is giving this move a "like."
What the research shows us is that communities like mine need to demand the development of new preventative resources.
About 4,000 Canadians die by suicide every year.
A new study sheds light on the show's possible effects on viewers.
If you are following the 13 Reasons Why conversation online right now, you know that it's a very hot topic. People have expressed