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Something awe-inspiring is afoot in the heart of Mel Lastman Square in Toronto. Scattered around the usually open concrete space are six unusual edifices. They are sukkahs which are temporary shelters, built according to a very specific set of rules. We are right now in the middle of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, which calls for these shelters to be built for eating and even for sleeping inside. But what are they doing in a public place?
They came, they saw, they occupied -- occupied, at least the attention of the media. Canadians unleashed their own version of Occupy Wall Street over the weekend. What they lacked in message they made up for in passion and colour. Numbers turned out to protest -- what exactly? It was a long, often vague list. Banks. Corporate greed. Capitalism. The teetering world economy. The frustration is understandable, especially down south. The United States is facing its worst economic depression since, well, the Depression. None of those responsible for contributing to the crash -- and here, there are actual names and faces -- have been brought to account. In Canada, however, the banks have behaved... pretty well. Canadians have escaped... the worst of the recession (and I say that with a qualified "so far." If Europe falls, we're all toast). Still, fears are real. And so is the uncertainty of our future. So what the hell. Get out there if that's your bag.