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summer entertaining

Spiral hot dogs aren't just trendy, they're tastier too!
It's long been well-known among those who try to eat healthy that salsa is one of the best options when it comes to snacking.
Summer is in full swing, and backyard barbecues, front porch cocktails and beach picnics are taking over your schedule. While it's amazing to enjoy the sunshine, entertaining can be hard work, especially when all you want to do is indulge.
From a nutrition standpoint, grilling is a great way to prepare foods because it uses very little fat except to add flavour, in limited amounts, if you choose. Also you don't lose nutrients in the cooking water as you do when you boil vegetables, which is the go-to vegetable prep method for a lot of people.
The long days (and evenings) of summer are perfect for outdoor gatherings of all kinds. From gussied-up drinks and quick
Summer is in full swing, but for some of us (alright, most of us), this also means a whole new kind of stain, thanks to BBQs
I used to do triathlons in my 20s and loved long bike rides. I was racing in Alberta in a half-Ironman race and was on my bike (in a bathing suit) for almost four hours. With very little shade, no sun protection and sweat pouring from me, I got one of the worst sunburns of my life.
There’s nothing like summer: warm weather, lots of sun, good times with friends. Even once summer no longer means two months
Anyone who watches "Orange Is The New Black" knows how important books are to the inmates. After all, the show is based on
Whether you're hitting up Milestones for "Girls' Night Out" on Monday or planning your next 15+ group dinner, the Canadian