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And sometimes people take an extra spin through the revolving door. Two founding executives at the now-defunct Sun News network
Would you pay $1,000 to speak with Ezra Levant or Brian Lilley for 15 minutes about the day’s top news stories? How about
Sun News Network hoped to cash in on a regulatory system that protects Canadian channels, but its launch coincided with the gradual unraveling of that system.
When Sun News Network announced it was closing last Friday, cutting 150 full-time jobs, most of the suddenly out-of-work
I sit on the periphery of journalism. A PR guy who needs journalists for business purposes and appreciates a good read, too. So I have been struck that this week the biggest news stories have been, well, about news.
Crockatt tweeted at Michael Enright, CBC host of The Sunday Edition, after he published an essay titled "Reflections on a
TORONTO - The Sun News Network went off the air at 5 a.m. ET Friday after negotiations to sell the troubled television channel
Final Minutes of Sun News from D. Matthew Millar on Vimeo. Well, that's it then. Sun News went off the air this morning, with
"I still have a point of view that some people like, some people don't like, but I think it has its place in the spectrum
OTTAWA - The first journalist hired by Sun News Network says its demise had more to do with regulatory hurdles and shrinking