But don't forget to cover yourself in sunscreen!
It's all fun and games until someone gets burnt.
You're welcome.
It's a very simple principle, any system that is in harmony tends towards health, well-being and sustainability. A system that is in disharmony tends towards illness, disease, suffering and collapse. The same rule applies to your skin.
With summer in full force, and many of us playing outside each day, we need to make sure we protect our skin to prevent sun damage. Unfortunately, even one burn can double your child's lifetime risk of serious skin cancer. One burn!
A bright red burn on your face can be embarrassing. Here's how to cover it up.
You've already been told how important it is to wear your SPF when you hit the beach or go out for a run, but did you ever
A U.S. company claims to have created a drinkable sunscreen that can combat the harmful effects of the sun by isolating frequencies
Summer travel means summer sun, and while most moms are diligent about slathering up their kids with sunscreen, plopping colourful sunhats on their little heads and wrestling a swim shirt onto them, they need to remember a sunburn for themselves is just as harmful.
After falling asleep on the beach one afternoon I burnt my back badly, and when my skin grew back after blistering, I didn't think about it again. That was of course until I heard the word melanoma and chemotherapy and surgery all in the same sentence. As it turns out, that dark glow one gets from hours in the sun becomes embarrassingly meaningless when you're sitting under a florescent light being told you have cancer.