But Germany and the U.K. ranked better than us overall in the Nation Brand Index.
He is also seeking views on talk of Alberta separation.
Only 30% say they would replace their car with a self-driving vehicle.
Digital eye strain is caused by several factors, including exposure to blue light that is emitted by digital devices and staring at objects up close for extended periods of time. People typically blink 12 times a minute, but when they stare at a screen, they tend to only blink five times a minute, which means their eyes are not being lubricated properly.
The jury is in. According to a new survey, the vast majority of Canadians do not consider criticism of the government of Israel to be necessarily "anti-Semitic." This finding contradicts those who have been warning of a "new anti-Semitism" in Canada, where criticism of Israel is a veiled form of this despicable historic ideology.
A representative democracy is based on the principle that elected officials will advance the positions of their electors. When it comes to Israel and the Middle East, both Harper and Trudeau seem to have grievously violated this principle.
As it turns out, Canadian's aren't just polite, they also happen to be a generous bunch when it comes to gift-giving. Birthday
GMOs have the potential to irreversibly alter the genetic core of the food supply. It is very worrying that Health Canada seems more concerned about jumping on the industry bandwagon by trying to convince the unwilling public about the perceived benefits of GMOs than actually carrying out its own safety studies.
A national survey of a cross-section of 1,500 voting-age Americans, conducted by the Angus Reid Institute in the days leading up to the inauguration, reveals a strong attachment to Canada among the U.S. public, while Americans hold a decidedly different attitude toward their country's other neighbour, Mexico.
In light of National Pharmacist Day on Jan. 12, it's important to address the issue of medical adherence as it impacts the lives of millions of Canadians on a daily basis. It's a very real concern that pharmacists work to tackle every day.