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Syria protests

OTTAWA - The instability posed by the ongoing unrest in Syria was a major topic of discussion when Foreign Affairs Minister
Now that the UN has finally acknowledged that Syria is in a "full blown civil war," it's even more reason why we of the Western alliance should stay out of it. Harsh as it may seem, intervention would be a mistake. If we (meaning Western democracies) entered the fray, it'll be war by proxy and wouldn't curb bloodshed, but spread it.
This is a grouping of dictatorial regimes, the majority of which are ruled either by monarchies, or worse by military regimes that came to power by killing or removing the previous rulers of those countries. We are talking here about a rulers' club which has nothing to do with the Arab people, and that is why it should be called "The Arab Rulers' League."
Canada is "disappointed in the extreme" by the UN Security Council's "paralysis" after Russia and China vetoed a resolution
OTTAWA - Canada had some strong words for members of the U.N. Security Council Saturday, saying it was "disappointed in the
Is this really all we've got? In 10 months no one has come up with a better plan than evadable sanctions, toothless Arab League monitors and a Barbara Walters special? How much longer will we wait before moved to action by the humanitarian ideals that brought liberation to Libya?
BEIRUT - Clashes erupted in Syria on Sunday, killing at least 15 civilians and six government troops, activists said. Isolated
TORONTO - A report by a University of Toronto think tank says a number of Syrian government websites are being hosted by
Canada is expanding its sanctions against Syria's Bashar al- Assad regime, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced
BEIRUT - Syria's state-run bank says Visa cards issued in the country are no longer valid. The Commercial Bank of Syria said