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Alaskans emphasize they are not against resource extraction, provided there are adequate environmental and financial safeguards, but believe Canada's record -- most recently illustrated by the Mount Polley mine tailings dam collapse -- shows that B.C.'s regulations are not strong enough to protect downstream communities.
An ugly thread of misspent taxpayer dollars, environmental destruction and conflict-of-interest -- backed by a government beholden to the mining industry -- runs along the recently completed Northwest Transmission Line, charges acclaimed explorer and scholar Wade Davis.
"It's not just what the breach did environmentally to us; it's what has happened with the bad publicity we got when this went around the world. That also hurt everybody here."
"We take all the risks and the costs and get none of the benefits."
TERRACE, B.C. - Mines Minister Bill Bennet hopes a new offer will end a First Nations blockade of a northwestern B.C. mine
VICTORIA - A British Columbia First Nation has issued an eviction notice to Imperial Metals Corp. (TSX:III), the second such
VANCOUVER - The fisheries department says the timing of the Mount Polley tailings pond breach in central B.C. likely reduced
CHASE, B.C. - A British Columbia First Nation plans to issue an eviction notice to Imperial Metals Corp. (TSX:III) — the
The complete failure of the tailings dam at Imperial Metals' copper-gold mine is the most depressing thing to have happened in Canadian mining since the Bre-X debacle in 1997. But what makes all this particularly depressing is that Imperial Metals is one of the class acts of Canadian mining, and the mine was built by highly skilled Canadian miners to modern technical standards in our own backyard.
The results came three days after a major industrial accident put locals under a water ban and raised fears about the long